Monday, March 17, 2008

here, there and everywhere - or all together now?

Got a question for ya! I was pondering this recently with the release of the new method bathroom items, and wondered what your thoughts were. Now of course, I know method has probably done research out the ying-yang on this one! (that might be a NC saying, I'm not sure?) but hey, sometimes my brain just won't stop thinking method, so here goes. method has this great way of featuring a majority of their products (at least at most Target stores) in one central area. You want hand soap, cleaners, or the new bathroom toilet cleaner? All in one handy area. Of course they do have their shaving creams in the shaving section, and additional hand soap scents in the hand soap section. But for example, the (again) toilet cleaner isn't in the toilet cleaner section, but rather in the "all method" section. And the (now discontinued) bloq body lotion wasn't in the lotion section, but rather in the body wash area of the Target stores.

MY question is, do you think this sometimes hurts, or helps method? I've seen people in Target looking at the toilet cleaner section, and I think "man, they don't know about this great new method lil' bowl blu, cause it isn't in this section! They'd have to go to the method area to find it, but if they don't know about method, well, you get what I'm getting at, right?) Same with the lotion? I wonder if it might have sold better had it been in with all the other lotions, instead of with the method body wash? Should method think about placing their items in one central method area, as well as throughout the product specific departments (though that could get pricey, as companies have to pay to have their items in stores, or at least in getting a particular amount of shelf space, and placing their items on end caps, and such and on and on) or do you not think this is a big deal? Just curious what your thoughts are on this, getting others to discover method products, and if you've had difficulty finding some of their items in the past? Comment away!


Carolyn said...

Yeah - it drives me crazy to have to keep wandering around Target to see where my favorite method products are today.

However, I think that putting the like items together (i.e. bathroom cleaners in the bathroom cleaner section, laundry in the laundry section, etc.) - that way they'll gain some new customers. The true method freaks will find their favorite products regardless of where they're merchandised.

Great blog!


Paul said...

I've noticed a lot of method consolidation at my local Targets - even the hand soap is lumped in with the wipes and toilet bowl cleaner. Only candles and aircare are given their own free reign.

That said - is the bloq lotion truly discontinued? I bought some on clearance a month or so ago but haven't seen them in any Target since. A bummer.

Nathan Aaron said...

Paul, yes, unfortunately the lotion has been discontinued. But I think you can still purchase it on the method home store for a while!

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