Monday, March 31, 2008

the ideal solution (is method!)

We like to keep up with all our worldly goings-ons! And what with method expanding everywhere (uh, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, anyone?) we got a lot of work to do! The folks over in the UK are currently set up at the Ideal Home Show in London (and would I LOVE to be there! Man!) In fact, they're inviting you! Check it out, via the method UK blog:

"we would love to invite all of you over to our home for a cuppa, but we don’t have nearly enough chairs. so we set up a cozy home away from home at the Ideal Home Show in London, complete with bathtub, aroma bar, and a lot of squeaky green method products (including some of our coveted “plastic bag rehab” bags).

if you’re in the Earls Court area, please stop by and take a load off (or even a bath). you can find our shiny happy faces at stand 2M1 through the 6th of April."

The show began March 14th (I didn't know, or I would have posted it earlier! Please forgive me, I'm only human. Well, mostly.) And check out their own environmentally green dog, Squeaky (you can see him in the photo above, in the upper left hand corner! Aw, cute! You can even get your own little dog here! He's not green, but I sure think orange is awfully swell!) Even the San Francisco-ian method team has gotten in on the fun, which features sneak peeks of the new squeaky green book, and an aroma bar (Heavenly!) where you can tantalize your senses and win a full Detox Home kit (one up for grabs each day) just by letting them know your favourite method scent! See the pic below for all the sniffing goodness!

And speaking of goodness, who knew such hotness worked for method! I mean, where did they all come from? Yowza! (And the girls are pretty cute, too!) I gotta go take a cold shower now, you gotta check out the Ideal Home Show!

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