Friday, March 28, 2008

is that soap refill in your pouch, or are you just happy to see me?

The new method soap refill pouches have begun to hit the shelves! These are refills for the hand wash line, which also includes new refill pouches for their foaming hand wash and go naked varieties. So far I've only spotted the sweet water refills, but did notice the new packaging. Earlier it was reported on Sustainable Is Good:

"The company is also working on a redesign of the graphic design for the pouch. Addressing concerns over readability of some of the white text on its current pouch refills, Method's new pouches will be white with "images of the colored bottle scattered across the front in a free-form mosaic," Molinari said."

Check'em out next time you're in Target, or your local store that carries method products! (Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the new packaging yet. I need to start carrying a camera with me during Target trips! When I get one I'll post it!)


Carolyn said...

I'm SO GLAD they're making a refill for the foaming hand wash now! I felt like such a heel buying it when the regular hand wash was just sitting there with its refills mocking me for being so wasteful.

John McBomb said...

someone brought a bottle of the toasted hazelnut hand wash to work today. oh man, it smells awesome. It reminds me of the smell of buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys more than hazelnuts, but whatever.

I like. where can I buy a bunch of refills in this scent?

ClumberKim said...

I've been to two targets that are no longer carrying the foaming refills. doesn't have it. Neither does Where?????

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