Friday, March 7, 2008

method in living (clean) color!

Oh these are great! Check out these wonderful short video snippets I've discovered focusing on method (with some help from Super Secret Source Sarah! I think maybe that'll be her new method lust nickname, S4! Sounds very James Bond, don't you think? I'll have to see if she likes that! If you're reading this Sarah, do you like? Do you, do you? But I digress...) I believe most of these were used on the HSN (Home Shopping Network), as they are currently selling method products.

These quick snippets are just fun to watch, and give you more insight into method as a company. (I'm just wondering how soon I can start work at their great looking San Fransisco home base! My bags are packed!)

01 + method - San Fransisco

02 + method - clean living

03 + method - CEO against dirty

04 + method - green chefs

05 + method - revolution! (This one is just straight up crazy!)

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