Wednesday, March 12, 2008

method retrospect

method premium candles + method original scented candles

Time for another method retrospect! Where we take a moment to remember those wonderful products that came before our true obsessions began (is that possible? Were we not there for it all? Well, only you know, only you know!) Today we're featuring two candle lines that came before the current aircare collections.

First up were the originals! these were 5.5 oz scented candles (you can see them to the left, in the above photo.) and came in simple round glass jars. They featured a few fragrances including Sweet Water (which is still around in the current aircare line), Gardenia (a lush, deep floral scent), Creamy Vanilla (mmm, smells like cake!), and you know I swear there was another one! I know, I'm letting you down, but I do not own the other candle, so if you know of it drop me a line! I want to say Pink Grapefruit, but I bet I'm wrong there! red currant, and pink grapefruit! They also released a Hollyberry scented candle, in it's first incarnation, in this original line; as well as a Snowy Days scent during the holidays way back when!

The second line was the method premium candle collection! These candles were NOT sold at Target (pause for shocked expressions, and breathless silence!) but were only sold at Linens N' Things, and on the method website. These were great, touting themselves as "premium fragrances to fill your home - Home Smells Good"; they came in a 10 oz. size. There is an open version of one of these in the photo, as well as the boxes for them, to the right. They had a large variety of fragrances for these, including Fresh Laundry, Crème Brûlée, Fresh Lime, Apricot Basil, Chocolate Martini, Spiced Berries, He Brought Me Flowers (of course, a floral scent), Rose Petal, and perhaps a couple others. I know there was one that, again, I want to say was something like Vanilla Latte? But I'm not sure... if you know, let me know and I'll add it to the "method scent heaven" list. The box from the Spiced Berries scent says "The fruity aroma of plums and berries mingle with rare spices. Awaken your senses and comfort your soul. Sweet and sophisticated - like a very good date. Or spouse. Or cocktail dress. The list goes on."

Not every Linens N' Things carried these, just select ones. To be honest, I never saw these until they had been discontinued, and ended up at a Tuesday Morning store! The cashier must have thought me crazy, cause I bought one of almost every scent, all at one time! I was so excited to find them! Did you purchase either of these products? What were your thoughts on them?

UPDATE I've gotten information from some wonderful readers letting me know that the fourth original candle scent was indeed Pink Grapefruit; and also that Paris Rain was another scent in the Premium candle line. Thanks for the info.!


Sarah D. said...

you are SO retro... i can't believe you found these! honestly, i'm so jealous (creamy vanilla was the shizzle).

amy corinne said...

Pink grapefruit was the other original candle scent! It was my favorite and I stocked up at Big Lots after they were discontinued.

Great blog, by the way. I'm glad to see another method fan. Most people don't seem to understand why I love my cleaning supplies so much.

Zoe said...

Paris Rain... premium candle of my dreams... Loved it.

Sarah said...

Ohhh, how I long for the Mandarin Orange Kitchen Cleaner. It was my first and one of my very favorite Method products. And how can I forget the Olive Leaf body wash (pre-Bloq)? I can't, I still have a few bottles stashed away :) I bought several cases of it from Amazon when I realized it was being discontinued.

Nathan Aaron said...

Sarah, I know! The Mandarin Grapefruit Kitchen Cleaner is one of my all-time favorites! The scent is amazing! I wish they'd bring that back one day! I did do a retrospect a while back on the original pre-bloq body washes, also! I'm planning on doing one on the kitchen cleaner down the line! Thanks!

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