Monday, March 17, 2008

the nose knows?

UPDATE I've gotten official word from method on the "unusual" scent of the new bathroom products (le scrub and lil' bowl blu.) According to the Fragrance Director at method: "...the new bathroom products are in fact the same Eucalyptus Mint fragrance from the Tub + Tile Cleaner; however, they have highlighted notes that are in the Beach Sage scent." Thanks Sarah, and Suzanne, for the information! I've got to personally say I feel the "highlighted notes" definitely take over the scent of the products, as my particular bottles definitely have the Beach Sage scent. I can barely smell any of the original Eucalyptus Mint fragrance. In fact, one advocate told me hers smelled like Sandalwood! Alas, now we know! And at any rate, like I've said before, the products work great!


Had a chance to try out the amazing new bathroom cleaners from method, lil' bowl blu and le scrub? It's pretty great, isn't it! Especially the great Eucalyptus Mint scent... ? Wait, Eucalyptus Mint, did you say? Because it sure doesn't smell like...? Am I the only one wondering if what I'm smelling from these new products marked Eucalyptus Mint, is actually Beach Sage (the current scent running in the bloq body line, as well as their new special edition candles for this spring/summer.)

At first I thought I was just confused. But a couple other people have mentioned the same thing "the scent smells nothing like Eucalyptus Mint." so I knew we were on to something! I'll look into this, and get back with more information! Until then, give the new products a try; because Eucalyptus Mint/Beach Sage/whatever scent, these are some great new products for you bathroom, from method! Check'em out. I'll have a review on them in the upcoming week.

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Rider Thompson said...

I've been testing these two products this week and agree the scent particularly on the le scrub appears to be Beach Sage. Its funny as I've been testing these I was thinking how much i liked the smell - and beach sage is one of my favorite scents from Method. I'll post my feedback on the products on your other thread.

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