Wednesday, March 19, 2008

omop, umop, we all mop

Here's a great review on the omop from method I thought everyone would enjoy reading! And she does have a point concerning the compostable cloths. My thoughts (which could be completely wrong) are at least they're "environmentally disposable" and more easily breakdown naturally over time. I could be talking out my !bleepity-blop! (do you like that? I just created it) but that's why I'm saying she does have a point about that slight bit of confusion. Anyway, overall the review is great! Give it a look see below:

"Eat Off It? ... Nah ... But It's Beautiful! by Laura Belle

I Am: Budget-conscious, cleaning challenged, mother of 2, owner of 2 often dirty hairy large dogs, cleaning crew of Pergo filled house

Pros: All-In-One, Ease of Use, Does the Job

Cons: Pricey Startup, Compost Idea Confusing

I can never find a floor care system I'm completely happy with. Initially I'll like it, but then it always falls out of favor with me, and pretty soon I'm tired of looking at my floors that are supposed to be easy to take care of, and are for the most part. My living room, stairs, and den are all Pergo, and my son's bedroom will be as soon as my husband finishes it, but so far I'm not holding breath. I have sheet goods in one bathroom and the kitchen, and tile in the master bathroom and foyer. I'll add here, that the builder put in really cheap floor tile that is not smooth and very slippery when wet, and I'm not talking about Bon Jovi. I think it's meant to be wall tile, not floor tile. The only carpeting is in the remaining bedrooms, so a good vacuum cleaner isn't nearly as important to me as a good floor cleaning system.

I've been seeing the Method Omop All Floor Starter Kit at Target for awhile now, and have been intrigued by it... While looking at the Omop this afternoon in the store, a clerk came up and told me she cleans offices as a second job and uses the Omop there. She finds that it does a great job. I took her word for it and bought it for $24.95.

The Kit
I opened the kit up at home to find a 4 part handle/wand/mop surface, bottle of cleaner, a microfiber pad, and three dry cloths. The omop itself was put together fairly easily and with humorous directions, such as telling me that fitting the female pole inside the male pole isn't as dirty as it sounds. To "swiffer" the floor, you use the dry cloths, which are compostable. The microfiber pad is meant to collect the dirt when mopping, and the squirt cleaner has a fresh, clean lemon ginger scent. The instructions include recipes so that you can literally eat off your new clean floor, as well as other humorous bits, such as the "methodsutra" for proper floor-level seating.

The Cleaning
I always prefer some type of "swiffer"ing to sweeping, as it doesn't just push the dog hair around. The omop did a very ample job. I had to sweep up a few little things, but I have to do that no matter which "swiffer" type of thing I use. I'm a little confused, though, with the compostable cloths. I don't run a compost heap, nor do I plan to start one just to dispose of these. So how do I dispose of these revolutionary cloths made of corn? There was a slight annoyance in having to carry around the cleaner in the squirt bottle once I switched from the compostable cloth the the microfiber pad for mopping. Yet, it did a fantastic job, and I can say my Pergo has never looked cleaner since I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned it all by hand daily. (I tired very quickly of that.)

I may have finally found that floor care system I've always looked for. Considering the price, and the fact that I like it so much, I probably won't allow my kids to clean the floor with it, I'm sure much to their dismay. My only problem is trying to figure out what to do with those darn compostable cloths.


Anonymous said...

I am on my second Omop after my first one broke at the handle after 3 uses. I was able to exchange it at Target with no problem, and I'll keep exchanging them if they keep breaking. If Target starts to give me a hassle, then I guess I'll take it up with Method. I can just see ending up on their "scammer" list for frequent returns. I know Method said they took care of the problem, but the one I broke had the new packaging, so I'm skeptical.

I love the bamboo packaging, by the way.

I find that the Omop does a much better job than my old Swiffer and microfiber cloth combo. But it is SO hard to push!

Nathan Aaron said...

I've read on the method site about others feeling the omop was difficult to push; at least when it comes to using the floorcare cleaners (and not the dry cloths. It's really easy to use with the dry cloths, at least from my own experiences.) The solution to this problem is you are simply not using enough cleaning solution (according to method.) Try adding more cleaner to the floors and then giving it another try, it should push easier.

Anonymous said...

I also had a problem with the handle breaking - and all the superglue in the house couldn't put it together again. Unfortunately, it was many times after I bought it. I'm too cheap to pay another $25-30 for another one; I just use it without the handle - which is a bit awkward.

I also had a problem getting the mop to move - so the solution of putting more solution sounds reasonable.

But doesn't both the solutions smell so delightful? It really does make you want to eat the floor (forget just eating on it).

Nathan Aaron said...

See my post I just did on omop FYIs. You should definitely contact them concerning your poor handle, I bet they'd help you out with no problem!

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