Wednesday, March 19, 2008

in the beginning

One of the greatest things about method (among the myriad!) happens to be the amazing packaging design! The beginning of the method "revolution" saw many of the designs coming from super-designer Karim Rashid! Check out a few of his package designs for method below:

And that's just the start! As his website states: "Designing for an impressive array of clients from Alessi to Dirt Devil, Umbra to Prada, Miyake to Method, Karim is radically changing the aesthetics of product design and the very nature of the consumer culture... He has had some 2500 objects put into production to date." Whew! The man just keeps on going! method definitely made the right move getting him to design many of their products! I for one was definitely pulled into method from not only their scents, but the very first viewing of their (at the time) tear drop and bowling pin (seen in the photo above) dish soap packaging sitting there, and standing out, on the Target shelves! It was so different and unique! And it definitely helped propel the company forward! Check out Karim Rashid's website for more information on the man and his products, as well as more method product photos (look under 'product'.)

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