Saturday, April 12, 2008

new aroma refills

Looks like the Beach Sage and Citrus Cilantro aroma pill refills have made their debut (thanks for the heads-up, Robert! And I just saw them in Target this evening for myself, as well!) I'm surprised, as the special edition line has been out for a short time now, featured in candles and aroma ring refills. The other surprise is the special edition refills come in the single refill packages (compared to the regular aircare line, which recently switched from the single pill refills to double pack refills. Have a confused anyone? Oh yes, myself...) So run out and pick some up this weekend! Your aroma pill will be so happy, dressed for spring!


steve said...

thanks for the heads all they have to do is put out aroma pill refills of the "frest cut grass" favorite!

Nathan Aaron said...

Yeah, the aircare line seems to be in a bit of a flux since the recall on the aroma spray. The Cut Grass and Fresh Lychee were supposed to be the spring/summer line; but the Cut Grass sticks are already out, but nothing else in that line. So I'm not sure what's happened. Hopefully it'll all get worked out soon!

Anonymous said...

I too love Method however it drives me crazy that they keep discontinuing scents! They used to have cut grass in aroma pills and I bought a ton off their site - but they then discontinued it a year or so ago. I actually emailed Method and asked why? They said they retire some scents and add others all the time. Jsut part of what they do to keep things fresh - sort to speak. UG! So I've now almost used up my cut grass reserve and replaced with with Citrus Cilantro - my second favorite scent - now I find out that that scent too is being discontinued. Nothing bugs me more! All threeof my favs for the aromo pills are not out of their line (I also loved Eucalyptus Mint in the aromo pill).

Nicole said...

Have the Aroma pills been discontinued? I have one re-fill, but let the "Pill" at the old house and have tried to find them.

Do you know where I can get them?

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