Friday, April 11, 2008

please sir, can i have some more?

While the polls to the right of these posts (see, over there, no, just a little further, scroll down just a bit, yeah, there! Ok, now, vote! Thanks, I appreciate it. Ok, back to reading this...) Where was I... so while the polls are starting to wind down (22 days to go, and counting!) and I'll have the final results for you when they end; fellow method luster steve (in nc) requested to have a post where readers could discuss what method products you all wish would change (and in what way); as well as what new products you may want to see. I've done many posts on specific products, and what you love about them/want to change/etc., but let's open the flood gates wide!

One of the polls does specifically ask which new product you'd love to see from method, and as of this writing it appears hair care is the big one (come on Marine Naturals in August, don't let us down! Hint, hint.) with carpet cleaner and dish cubes tying for second most requested. But let's give everyone free reign here, and find out what you would love to see next from method (anything!) Also, is there a great product they currently have you wish would change in some way, and how? Let us (and method) know! (They read this blog! - I know, I'm blushing!) And don't forget to respond to the "what scents would you like to see from method?" post, also! After I've gotten a few, I'll compile the comments into an overview. Thanks!


Nathan Aaron said...

Stephen over on the method Facebook group posted: "when will they do refills for the aroma sticks products? I love method, but to buy a whole new package (with the holder and sticks) just to get the aroma oil is a waste. please method, just sell oil refills. oh, and car air fresheners :)"

- I couldn't agree more! I've been requesting this, and had a post about it earlier in the year! Also (more on this later, I plan on doing a full post!) with method's previous vroom line for autos, car air fresheners (which they had in the line) would be so easy!

Steve in NC said...

Since I suggested this blog post, I better comment and leave my two cents worth.

1) Leather cleaner. I know they make those nifty wipes (which I use,) but I want a spray bottle of leather cleaner and a coordinating microfiber cloth (like the daily granite or wood for good.) It's difficult to clean an entire sofa with those little wipes.
2) Refills for aroma sticks (mentioned in previous post.)
3) Creamy hand soap refills. Those hand soaps must be decent sellers, since the new moisture lounge line goes along the same theme, so let us refill those great little hand soap bottles.
4) Sweet water fabric softener. This one's from my mother, who loves the Sweet Water laundry detergent, but always complains method doesn't have a matching softener or at least an unscented version.
5) Drain cleaner. The one thing I can never find is an environmentally friendly drain cleaner. Pipes and drains get a layer of ick over time and begin to emit an odor. While there are such products on the market to clean and deoderize, they contain harsh chemicals and usually are not septic safe.

Well, there are a few of my hopes and dreames for the future. Come on method, make at least one of thema reality!

bigdog654 said...

Steve here again. Forgot carpet shampoo! Method is supposed to be developing such a product, but I hope its soon. My carpets are dirty, and I have not been able to find a carpet cleaner that doesn't screw up my allergies.

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