Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pop that top!

Check out the new packaging for the method cleaning wipes! Complete with a pop open top! How cute, and functional!

Their site lists lavender, pink grapefruit and go naked cleaning wipes. (go naked wasn't available for the above photo. He had a prior engagement and wasn't able to make the photo shoot, but sends his apologies. Oh ok! So I was just too lazy to include him in the photo, ok? Happy now? Of course you are.) Missing are (cucumber?), as well as the leather, wood for good, steel and granite wipes. (I hope those were all still current, man I'm losing it today, I tell you! But I also must admit I don't really buy the wipes; I'm more of a microfiber and spray kind of guy!) so I'm wondering if those have been discontinued, or the new packaging for those products simply wasn't available to include on the site as of yet. I'll let you know, when I find out.

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Steve Parker said...

On a totally side note, the window wash got a new name to go with its new label design. "best in glass" How clever!

I like the new packaging for the wipes. much better than a peel and stick closure. I hope the bathroom wipes follow suit soon. Those are the only ones I use.

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